Creativity is EVERYWHERE

Creativity is EVERYWHERE and I'm finding that women are deeply searching for a new judgement free way to be with themselves and reclaim their authentic self.

  • A few weeks ago I was on a business trip with my husband. Can you guess what almost every single woman (and man) wanted more of in their life? To focus more on the process rather than the end product. Men and women were crying... sharing that they desperately wanted to return to the energy of their process, the play, the sheer joy of creating rather than the black and white, mundane, numbing numbers at the end.

  • I had the wonderful opportunity to speak with a magnificent young woman who is wrapping up her first year of college. When I asked her what gives meaning to her days, what currently gives her joy in her life? Do you know what she said? "I have no idea and I think that's part of my problem." Relying so much on the external world she felt she never had the time or space to figure out who she was internally.

  • I've been speaking to so many strong, smart women. Do you know what they are saying? After years of working and/or raising families and following the recipe they feel empty...not sure who they really are anymore. They are bored with the certainty of their life and at the same time terrified of the the unknown... so they are STUCK. After years of neglecting their creativity they are positive their creativity has died.

  • I'm currently reading The Big Leap, by New York Times Bestselling Author Gay Hendricks, Ph.D. Do you know what he says? "I'm more convinced than ever that expanding your creativity is the single most important thing you can do everyday to create more love and abundance in your life." He even created a program called Creativity Camp!

  • I'm always flipping through Life, Paint and Passion by Stewart Cubley. Do you now what juicy things he says? "The forms and images that we have inside are authentic. When we let them manifest in their own unique way, we are in touch with something beyond ourselves."

Can you see it? Do you feel it? We have SO much untapped energy already WITHIN us that can easily feed all other areas of our lives. We just need to be willing to access it.

Elissa Arbeitman