Reclaim Your Creativity Even if Fear and Judgement Stand in the Way!


Are YOU?

  • Exhausted by your inner critic

  • Constantly judging yourself to the point of being STUCK

  • Always feeling pressure to produce, perform and succeed

  • Disconnected from yourself and others and feel lonely and isolated

  • Numbed out, bored and shut down from your creative self

Put an END to:

  • Your Inner Critic

  • Self Judgment

  • Loneliness

  • I’m Not Good Enough Thinking


You do not have to lose your voice, sense of worth and creativity because of fear and judgment…

Process Painting will help quiet your inner critic, overcome self-doubt and learn the skills to face fears and judgment.


I’m Elissa Arbeitman and I help self doubting women stop their inner critic and start accepting themselves with compassion so they can feel more confident and connected. As the Creator of Wild and Free Painting and a Registered and Board Certified Art Therapist since 2003, I have seen first hand how bringing women together in a group to rediscover their creativity can be a catalyst for positive change in all of their relationships.


Groups are an amazing way to help women:

  • Relate to each other and feel heard, validated and understood so they don’t feel alone in their struggles

  • Feel completely supported by a community

  • Release stress, quiet their mind and reconnect to their true self

  • Feel a deeper sense of connection within themselves and in turn feel more satisfied and connected in all of their relationships.

Process Painting Women’s Groups will provide you with support to:

  • Remove the expectation to perform, produce and succeed and instead experience a sense of freedom to step into your own creative process without judgment, analysis or critique.

  • Uncover your intuition, say YES to everything that shows up and find profound respect for all of it too.

  • Lean into uncomfortable feelings in order to decrease their intensity and as a result feel more whole.

  • Be with yourself in a new, respectful way that can lead to a more creative, deliberate, confident and deeply connected life.

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