Do I need to be an artist to attend?
Absolutely not! At Wild and Free Painting we are all creative beings. However, some people might have an easier time than others accessing their creativity. If needed, I am here to help you uncover it. If you have the urge to explore yourself on a deeper level and are connected to your emotion in some way then (with facilitation if needed) you will be able to find the path of expression that is most comfortable for you.

Do I need previous art experience to attend?
Absolutely not! You will find people who have not held a paintbrush since kindergarten as well as professional artists and everything in between. We are all on the same level, entering into a journey of self-exploration together, rather than a class based on skill and performance.

Who do you work with?
I run women's groups ages 18 and older. I have found that children naturally operate and benefit from a place of creativity and play. Their thinking/judging brain has not taken over yet! After years of repressing, not allowing, controlling, etc., it’s adults who find that their creativity is no longer accessible to them.

I work with anyone who is looking for deeper meaning in her life, on a path of self-discovery or looking to reclaim her (creative) self. A woman who might feel numb by the years of external pressure and judgment and feels she has lost a piece of herself on the way. A woman who is grieving a loss, experiencing a life transition, experiencing sadness, anxiety or loneliness. A woman who is a creative type but has reached a roadblock within her craft. A woman who is looking for more and wants to go deeper into understanding her own needs and wants. A woman who has an urge to find or reclaim her true voice or feel more confident and secure in her own skin.  

Why do you only work with women?
Since graduating college my work has always focused on supporting women/teen girls in some way and it felt only natural to continue on this path with Process Painting. I believe when women are attuned to their creative selves than all other aspects of their life benefit and every single person in her circle are positively affected too.

What can I expect as a result of attending one workshop?
For some, just showing up is the first step to feeling more empowered. You will be taking initiative towards making a positive shift in your life. With one workshop we just scratch the surface. You might feel a sense of curiosity arise. Perhaps a bit of surprise for what comes up. You might find you enjoy being able to explore the materials and the sense of play that comes along with it. 

Can I benefit from just one workshop?
You can certainly benefit from one workshop. However, much like a yoga or a mediation practice, deeper more meaningful self-discovery will be uncovered the more regularly you practice. 

What can I expect as a result of attending regular workshops?
With a few workshops you might find you have experienced a myriad of emotion and because you are putting your judging/thinking brain aside your intuition and heart space are getting all the attention. With repeated practice in saying yes to yourself, following your energy and allowing it to guide you in your painting you are building your intuitive muscle. This might show up in many different ways in your life outside the studio. You might find it much easier to recognize what your true needs and wants are, you might use your voice more to support your new found needs. You might approach disregarded pieces of yourself with more tenderness after you have confronted and worked through them in the painting. Often times participants express that very intense feelings lose their intensity after they have worked with them in this way. A shift in your perspective might occur. What was once scary or anxiety provoking is now approached with more compassionate understanding knowing you have confronted it and let it pass through you. With this continuous release of emotion into your painting you can feel more clarity, less anxiety or perhaps your sadness has lifted. Participants often express more acceptance of themselves where they in turn feel less fragmented and more whole. All of these possibilities can lead to more confidence and fulfillment.

What can I expect when I get to a workshop?
The studio will be ready for you to come in and paint. Paper, paint and all others materials will be out and you will be joined by a small number of other participants. I will give a short introduction of the process and answer any questions you might have. Then the fun begins! Similar to a yoga practice you will paint at your own pace and have your very own individual experience surrounded by others in the group who are doing the same. Your main interaction will be with your painting and myself. You will have multiple opportunities to share your process with me on an individual basis. You will also have plenty of time to paint on your own while I go around and support others in their process. Remember there is no critique at the end. Just time for people (if they want) to share or ask questions and then we clean up.     

Are materials provided?
Yes all materials are always provided. I want you to feel nourished, indulgent and taken care of so you can focus on painting.

What materials will we use?
We use a high-end tempera paint with large heavy white sheets of paper. Nothing fancy. The idea behind this is so you feel free to use the materials in the way you are most comfortable. Working with more expensive materials can at times hinder you and I want to make sure you feel free to use the materials in any way you see fit.

Is this Art Therapy?
Some will agree that Process Painting is Art Therapy since the process of painting in this way is therapeutic. While others will disagree, stating that without analyzing artwork it is not Art Therapy. The good news is I am trained as an Art Therapist and as a Process Painting Facilitator and will always help support your process in the best possible way.

Can I work individually with you instead of in a small group?
Yes. Some people prefer to work individually rather than a small group. This practice supports both. 

Cancellation Policy for Pre-Paid Package:
Should you need to cancel your participation after your pre-paid package purchase you will receive a full refund minus a 15% processing fee in addition to any services that have been rendered. 

If you purchase a Pre-Paid Package the credit remains on your account until you attend a workshop.