Letting Go of the Need to Know


Why is it that in the moment when we finally loosen our grip on the need to know what our painting is about or when we finally give ourselves permission to not know, we often feel more expansive, more creative and more free? Having reached the end of our knowing, what at first seems like a giving up becomes more of a giving over...and then a new door opens filled with possibility and ideas that were unavailable to you before.

This is one of the wild mysteries that we experience when we allow ourselves to enter the play and spontaneity of process painting. When we let the colors and brush take the lead and we get out of our own way a new inner space begins to open. A space filled with acceptance, compassion and energy. Each time we lovingly meet our need to control in the painting we are led from being stuck to feeling free or from being disconnected to feeling like we just came home.

Elissa Arbeitman