LOVE the one you're with...

Our first snow day...we strap on our boots, put on our layers and have our ski goggles in hand to protect our eyes from the sleet. If I was going to go out in the sleet then I was going to make this time worth it...No turning back! Eight years into this parenting gig and I know all too well that my snow days of complete relaxation are over and instead some serious sledding needs to take place. But over the years I also know a snow day means unexpected play, in unexpected places with the most unexpected discoveries that turn into memories for our lifetime. We began in the woods on the hill behind our house that had the slightest covering of ice on it. We became giddy with excitement when we realized that the slightest bit of ice makes for the fastest slide. No sleds needed there. We moved onto a huge hill in our neighborhood that made for some awesome sledding. With each run our laughter began to get louder and louder. I was laughing at my daughter's giggles while she was laughing at mine and my son was laughing with both of us. There were tears in our eyes from the deep belly laughs...and there it was...pure and utter connection. When time and space lose it's grip on you and you are completely connected to the present moment with the ones you love.

Are we giving OURSELVES enough of these opportunities? Are we giving our children the time and space needed for play and deep connection to occur? What about our partners or friends? Is this play too silly? Inconsequential? Does it have any meaning? Does it feel too awkward? Is it too draining because we are so far removed from it?

The stories that bring joy and laughter here, year after year, are the memories of getting lost and then finding our way, exploring a new place, taking a new journey, exploring without a destination, having a new shared experience and being out of our element without our creature comforts.

My Process Painting Women's Groups began and we are on a journey of exploration for sure!!! We are talking about about being in the "Not Knowing" and moving forward anyway. We are talking about being open to the unexpected and in turn how ALIVE that makes us feel. We are asking questions like, "When do you know when to let go of something that you thought was serving you but may no longer be?" We are tapping into our inner child and remaining open to what is reflected back to us. We are going DEEP.

Elissa Arbeitman