Following the Energy.

One of the 7 Guiding Principles of Process Painting is "Following the Energy." In the studio, you will often hear me asking, "Does this have energy for YOU?" We don't ask if it will look good, if we SHOULD choose this color or SHOULD paint this image. We just want to be sure we are following energy that is coming from WITHIN YOU with a big YES. Here's the catch. It might not always be pretty. But that's ok because pretty doesn't get us unstuck but giving ourselves permission to follow our own internal intuitive guidance does. I'm a strong believer that a women's intuition is her superpower and we need to spend alot more time developing it and letting it work it's magic. With each painting we practice following our energy with some silly paint and paper and over time it gets stronger, more confident and ultimately it demands more attention.

Want to know the best part? This principal translates easily outside of the studio and into the real world. So next time, if you are ever feeling confused about where to spend your time, stuck about which job to take, or anxious about a conversation that needs to be had...ask yourself if it has energy for you or where the energy is and let that be your guide rather than any other external pressure or expectation.

Elissa Arbeitman