YOU already have everything you need to be creative…

YOU already have everything you need to be creative…

No way, right? Especially with all the constant distractions telling us we are never enough. How could we possibly have what we need to be creative when we don’t even consider ourselves to BE creative?

In the studio we believe ‘YOU already have everything you need to be creative’ so much so that we don’t even tell you what to paint, we don’t even teach you technique and we don’t even give you a model to follow. I know, it sounds crazy. But we do this because we deeply BELIEVE that you have beautiful, amazing, authentic images that are true to YOU that are begging to be released, expressed and uncovered. We believe that the way you hold your brush, the way you choose your colors, your application of the paint and the images that unfold share stories of who you are, who you once were and who you are becoming. And we know we simply cannot teach you how to do this. It just comes from you…and the unfolding of YOUR process is pure magic.

You don’t have to disregard your creative just because that’s the way it’s always been. Let’s return to the idea that your unique creative expression can serve as a tool to heal, connect, uncover, reclaim and discover. It’s a profound and playful way to relate to ourselves, to be with ourselves and to learn from ourselves once again. Doesn’t that sound SO good?

Why do we stand when we paint? Great question. Most of us are used to creating on a table or sitting while we create. Or just not creating 😉… The painting process is a mind, body and heart experience. As we begin to paint and our surroundings quiet, we become more aware of our internal thoughts and feelings. Naturally our body responds to these feelings and begins to have different sensations too. By standing we keep the energy moving, from head to toe…and when the painting gets bigger than us…we just stand on chairs and continue to paint. And that’s FUN.

Elissa Arbeitman