You Gotta Draw the Line Somewhere

"The interesting insight is to finally begin to realize that your own line seems to be in exactly the right place, every time. Getting used to the fact that your lines are unique to you is the first step in figuring out how to accept yourself and then others who see things differently from you." - Interpreted from Seth Godin

I get it. It's hard to create that first line. Make that first mark. COMMIT... to something on the page. Anxieties come up or old fears surface. And even though we are given full freedom to paint whatever our heart desires that inner critic usually quickly comes in and crashes our party. The teachings in process painting are actually so simple that we look to make it more complicated. Here are some teachings we always return to. Feel free to incorporate these into your daily life because we can certainly use more ease and simplicity, don't you think?

Do what feels easy to you.

Don't second guess, just paint the very first thing that comes to mind.

Is there energy behind what you are doing? Then continue to do it.

You REALLY can't make a mistake. REALLY

It's just paper and paint, so you can relax.

Paint what you are feeling as you are feeling it, in that moment.

Let your heart and body lead the way.

BE in the process and let go of the product.


YOU are enough, your images are enough and what you have to say is enough.

If a line, color or dot feels it again...and again...and again.

It's almost too simple. I wonder what it would it look like to grant yourself permission to create what you wanted and enjoy yourself while doing it? To love yourself through all your creative expression. Once you are able to let go of the rules we all inherit and instead lean into the above, I promise your creative life will never be the same!

Elissa Arbeitman