For the LOVE of the PROCESS

Since 2003 I’ve been called the art lady, lady, ms, art teacher, teach, art therapist, even hey you 😂.

I’ve worked in prison systems, homeless shelters, domestic violence shelters, school systems, vocational schools, private schools, alternative schools, in-patient, out-patient, partial hospitalization, private practice and more.

I’ve been an art lady with an art cart, I’ve been an art lady without a cart (aka no materials), I’ve been an art therapist with a ton of materials, I’ve had budgets to work with and I’ve had a job without a budget for materials.

Since 2003 I’ve also been visualizing a space all my own filled with the right materials, that was clean and respected, that exuded love, comfort and nourishment for teens and women. So they can walk through these doors and be brought to a place where all their experiences, all their feelings, all their creative expression was deeply respected. A place where they feel heard, seen, validated and respected ...just for showing up.

I have a drawing from this visualization back from 2006. This space is pretty close to that drawing.

I’ve been doing this art, creative thing my whole life and in a way feel like I’m JUST getting started. This new space feels amazing and I want to share it with you. 💕

Elissa Arbeitman