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Listen. Make a way for yourself inside yourself. Stop looking in the other way of looking. You already have the precious mixture that will make you well.
— Rumi

Imagine how it would feel to creatively express yourself without the pressure to perform, produce or succeed. Imagine how it would feel to be surrounded by a community of women without judgment, analysis or critique. Now, imagine how you would show up in all aspects of your life if you gave yourself the opportunity to feel supported in this way. If you are someone who aspires to live from a place of authenticity, would love the confidence that a community of complete acceptance can provide and believes in the transformative power of inner exploration, you are in the right place.    

Welcome to Wild and Free Painting, an indulgent and nourishing art studio for self-discovery where for a few short hours you can be wildly free from your:

  • Inner Critic

  • Judgement

  • and Pressure to Perform

And instead use your creativity to find self-acceptance and self-compassion.

Wild and Free Painting is a place where:

  • You can be wildly creative when you give yourself permission.

  • You can uncover your true voice.

  • You can be intuitively aware when given the space to listen.

  • You are capable of feeling whole rather than fragmented and disconnected.

  • You are enough when you realize the answers you seek are already within you.

  • You can reach a deeper understanding of who you are.

  • You can release stress, quiet your mind and reconnect with your true self.


Process Painting focuses on the act of painting itself and your experience while painting rather than focusing on the final art product. In the art studio there are no judgments made, no expectations, no analysis of your paintings, no model to follow and no critique. It’s a quiet practice, with a meditative quality so we can turn inward and maybe for the first time in a long time begin to understand what we are feeling internally.

In the studio we say YES to the color you choose, YES to the line you make and YES to the forms you create...every single time. We honor and respect each decision you make throughout the entire process because it came from within you. We encourage your thinking brain to get out of the way so the brush can do the talking. We know that each brushstroke and each form created is guiding you to exactly where you need to be in order to find your voice and feel more whole. In other words, we let our hearts and intuition lead the way.




Three months after my daughter was born a friend called me to make sure I was alive since she had not heard or seen anything from me in quite some time. I knew I was disconnecting, grieving over my life that once was and in a state of complete overwhelm and isolation with pressure to keep it all together. After my first year into motherhood a piece of me felt like it vanished. My creativity, that piece of me that made me feel so alive and free was gone, buried beneath all the “gunk” and I couldn’t find words for any of it. In search of support that resonated with my hunger for free expression, I attended a Process Painting Workshop in 2012, led by my Mentor, Stewart Cubley and I was hooked ever since. I felt awake and alive by the sheer sense of freedom and possibility that I experienced in Process Painting and I knew I needed to share it with others.

Years later and countless heart to heart conversations with all the women in my life, I found they too experienced similar feelings around their childhood memories, pregnancies, life challenges and transitions, losses or big events. Their creativity, their curiosity, their spontaneity was gone, hidden beneath all the responsibilities and they often felt trapped within their own self doubt and inner critic or numb to the life happening around them. But what if we can change this? What if we could quiet the doubt, the criticism, the fear and instead show up in a bigger and bolder way? Engaging in this Process helps us find a deeper way to connect to ourselves and as a result, build stronger connections with ourselves and those around us.

Elissa earned a BFA in Graphic Design from The University of Michigan, holds a Masters degree in Art Therapy from New York University (MA) and is a Registered, Board-Certified Art Therapist (ATR-BC) by the Art Therapy Credentials Board (ATCB# 04-173). Since 2003 she has developed and implemented Art Therapy programs throughout New Jersey. In 2007 she opened Higher Art where she specialized in helping children, teenage girls, women and parents develop coping strategies for better social, emotional, and behavioral development.

In 2018 she opened Wild and Free Painting and now facilitates self-care, personal growth and exploration workshops through Process Painting while offering individual Art Therapy sessions for teen girls and women. She maintains her life long love of process arts and the belief that exploring our creativity heals, by regularly creating REALLY BIG Paintings in the studio filled with ALOT emotion.

For more information on Process Painting check out
The Painting Experience and be sure to purchase Stewart’s night stand staple Life, Paint and Passion: Reclaiming the Magic of Spontaneous Expression.

When I'm not painting or seeing clients...

I LOVE to hike, camp and travel and I LOVE being outdoors, adventuring and exploring new places with my friends and family. I’m a health nut and you can easily find me working out before the sun rises. I love reading personal development books and listening to uplifting podcasts. I’m passionate about making really big paintings that hold all the feelings and hope to one day bring process painting workshops to beautiful destinations!

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