Date To Create


Workshop Size - 8 Painters

Join us for our monthly Date to Create and give yourself the opportunity to rediscover your creative self alongside other women without the pressure to perform, produce or succeed. 

Wild and Free Painting is an indulgent and nourishing Process Painting Art Studio for self-care, personal growth and exploration.

We focus on the act of painting itself and your experience while painting rather than the final art product. Experiencing this process helps women feel a deeper connection within themselves and in turn feel more satisfied and connected in all of their relationships.

This date is for you to say YES to your own self-care, to say YES to believing you are worth it and to say YES to knowing you are enough, just the way you are. 

~ Absolutely no prior art experience is necessary to enjoy the benefits of this process. ~

(Fee includes all materials and tools)


Elissa earned a BFA in Graphic Design from The University of Michigan, holds a Masters degree in Art Therapy from New York University (MA) and is a Registered, Board-Certified Art Therapist (ATR-BC) by the Art Therapy Credentials Board. Since 2003 she has developed and implemented Art Therapy programs throughout New Jersey. In 2007 she opened Higher Art where she specialized in helping children, teenage girls, women and parents develop coping strategies for better social, emotional, and behavioral development. In 2018 she opened Wild and Free Painting and now facilitates self-care, personal growth and exploration workshops through Process Painting.